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Twenty-Five Tales to go...

I've recently been rereading and reinvestigating fairy tales and folk tales, trying to mine for images and imagery for poems. I've come across some that would make interesting stories, and images that are quite poetic, but none that do both, at least nothing new.

I want to finish my manuscript of fairytale based poems. So far I've tackled:

-Snow White
-The Frog Prince
-Hansel and Gretel
-Little Red Riding Hood
-Puss in Boots
-The Heartless Giant

I also had a poem (which was honorably mentioned in Best F&H of 2007) that touches on various tales through haiku-based stanzas.

I also have plans/ideas for Beauty and the Beast, and have strongly thought about Hans my Hedgehog and Sleeping Beauty/Sun, Moon and Talia. If I get those written, I'll have 12 poems, possibly 15 pages, which is a chapbook, maybe, but certainly not a book length manuscript.

So we're shooting for 40 pages, or 35-40 poems, depending on length. Let's say I'm off by 25 to be safe, and that I'd like to keep with in the European tradition if I could.

The question is, what haven't I thought of?

Going through the abuses of Disney, I need Cinderella, The Little Mermaid & Rapunzel (which is due out in 2010). That brings the list to 22. There are some that are slightly less "famous," but that I'd like to tackle--Bearskin, The Tinderbox, The Girl with No Hands (I want to see the Disney version of THIS Grimm's fairytale), etc. So let's say I need twenty. Any ideas, suggestions, thoughts? Big obvious stories I'm completely forgetting, or personal favorites that I haven't mentioned?
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